Sunday, October 24, 2010

1st Choice Locksmith LLC - Houston, TX

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1st Choice Locksmith, in an effort to combat "Scammers"

In an effort to alert consumers of this problem before it happens to anyone else, 1st Choice Locksmith, LLC has created this News Bulletin.

There have been numerous reports through out the United States, "FICTICIOUS  LOCKSMITHS" otherwise known as "SCAMMERS."  Various Locksmith Associations have been receiving calls and reports of  "FICTICIOUS LOCKSMITHS". Local news and newspapers have been reporting several cases that are happening in their area.
by Joel Thomas
NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 News) ? "I saw the 'anytime, anywhere' and I needed them now," said Annette Bell of Haltom City as she looked at the torn page from the phone book.
It read: 24-hour locksmith. Available within 15 minutes. And it seemed legitimate enough.
Annette Bell needed someone in a hurry to replace the locks on a storage area someone had broken into. What she didn't need was a scam artist.  Their ad looks legit, but investigators say its part of a large scam run out of New York.
The person who responded to Bell's call was mangling her door handle as he told her his rates would be three times higher than he quoted.